Nearly 4,000 saiga antelopes killed by plague

2017-02-09 10:55:08

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Carcasses of 3,818 endangered saiga antelopes were disposed of in Gobi-Altai and Khovd provinces in the western region of Mongolia. The working group officially announced it on Thursday at the Ministry of Environment and Tourism.

In the above mentioned region, a mass of saiga antelope were killed by peste des petits ruminants (P.P.R.) or the “goat plague”. However, there are still 2-3 thousand in Shargyn Gobi of Gobi-Altai province and more than 200 saiga antelopes in Agush Aral, Khomyn Tal and Mankhan soum of Khovd, grazing in safe zones.

The working group led by the Deputy Minister of Environment has paid site visits to Shargyn Gobi, Khuisiin Gobi, Darvi, Chandmani and Durgun soums and Durgun Steppe, and gave directions to local administrations to limit the migration of saiga and to activate surveillance.

A Mongolian Saiga (Saiga Tatarica)


Vaccinations are being carried out for small livestocks of Biger and Erdene soums.

Police departments have been given obligations to watch out for cases where people are taking the horns of dead saiga antelopes for profit.

The working group reported that the state is in loss of around MNT 8.0 billion.