Protecting wildlife with 'biotechnical measures'

2017-02-10 12:14:58

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The Environment Department of Ulaanbaatar city took the first biotechnical measure to protect wildlife species in the green zone near the capital such as red deer, roe deer and argali or wild sheep by putting hays, fodder and saltlicks for them. 

According to the Law on Fauna, the biotechnical measures are defined as the activities aimed at improving the habitat and conditions of fodder and hays for wildlife animals. The law states the animal foods shall be given in compliance with instructions by a specialized organization using local budget.

During harsh winter times or dzud (Mongolian term for extreme winter), wild animals are forced to enter settlement areas looking for forage, which leads them to lose their lives to dogs or become victims of human activities. With this reason, the number wild species decreases. Therefore,  biotechnical measures are crucial in protecting fauna.

Environment Department of Ulaanbaatar, the Mongolian University of Life Sciences, Hunting Association, specialized organization and forest rangers were involved in the measure. The Environment Department of Ulaanbaatar informed that the biotechnical measure is to be taken annually by involving the public.