NGO to hold demonstration against air pollution


The ‘Anti-Smog Parents’ NGO reported it will organize a demonstration against air pollution in front of some buildings of administrative officials, at a press conference held on Monday.

The first warning demonstration is addressed to the Mayor of Ulaanbaatar city, and it will take place outside of the Governor’s Office of Ulaanbaatar city on November 10.

At the press conference, the organizers emphasized the Mongolian Government intends to spend MNT 28 billion on abolishing the smog, but those people suffering from smog-caused illness are expected to pay MNT 160 billion for the medical treatment.

The NGO members also criticized spending of the money allotted in a national program on reducing air pollution adopted by the Government this year. The program will be implemented with a fund of MNT 9.9 trillion, and MNT 1.5 trillion is projected to be spent on constructing infrastructure in ger areas, using coal delivered from Umnugobi province. Rest of the planned works includes setting up inter-city service centers and building foot-bridges and tunnels.