Postage stamp relating to unique findings of Mongolian dinosaurs unveiled

2022-05-31 10:48:11

On May 30, the Institute of Paleontology of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences hosted the unveiling ceremony for a block of postage stamps issued with the theme, ‘THE UNIQUE FINDINGS OF THE MONGOLIAN DINOSAURS’.  

The stamp includes the bones of a world-famous dinosaur found in Mongolia, and its restored image based on studies and research. The stamps include the depiction of an incubating Citipati on the Eggnest, Embryo in Fossil Egg, and two dinosaurs that are fighting.

Printed in a total quantity of 20,800 as 11,000 blocks, the postage stamps will be sold for the prices of MNT 500, MNT 1000, and MNT 2000. First-day envelopes have also been prepared in 1,100 copies for the price of MNT 11,000. 

Director of the Institute of Paleontology of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences, Professor, Ph.D., Kh.Tsogtbaatar, academician R.Barsbold, and Department Head S.Ulziitseren cooperated in creating the stamps by providing professional advice.

News and photos by O.Batsaikhan