Project to develop sustainable tourism being implemented in three aimags

2022-08-02 15:16:49


Ulaanbaatar/MONTSAME/. Within the framework of the ‘Sustainable Tourism Development Project’ being implemented by ADB, a solid waste landfill facility is being built in Khanh and Khatgal soum of Khuvsgul province.

With the commissioning of the facility, more than 350 local citizens will become possible to be provided with job opportunity.

Previously, the ADB has approved the release of USD32 million in loan and grant funding in ADB’s second tourism project to enhance and diversify sustainable tourism development in Mongolia. The project aims to develop tourism in 3 aimags of western Mongolia including Khuvsgul, Khovd, and Uvs. Specifically


• To increase the benefits of tourism for local people,

• To preserve natural features, and the value of cultural heritage,

• To improve post-COVID-19 recovery and resilience

• As a result, it will become possible to increase income of 16,296 local citizens

ADB Senior Environment Specialist for East Asia Mr. Mark Bezuijen said, “Through the project, the capacity of entities will be strengthened to develop local-based tourism, establishing tourist streets and complexes. By doing so, new job opportunities will be createand the management of five globally significant natural and cultural heritage sites will be improved.”

As part of the project, two tourist streets will be built in the center of Khovd and Uvs aimags, opening 9 markets near the natural parks for the exhibition and trade of local industrial products.