Small and Medium Enterprises displayed their products at central square

2022-10-21 10:44:24

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. The Mayor’s Office of Ulaanbaatar City and the “Small and Medium Enterprises and Services Support Center /Capital City-Owned Enterprise/” are jointly organizing a trade fair of small and medium-sized manufacturers at the Sukhbaatar square.



Small and medium enterprises and traders from every district of the capital, such as Bayangol, Khan-Uul, Bagakhangai, and Baganuur, participated in the fair under the motto “Leaving no SME behind from development” and displayed their goods and products to the citizens of the capital.


Last year, more than 130 citizens and enterprises exhibited 1,500 goods and products at this annual fair. This year it increased to 140 citizens and enterprises from nine capital districts with about 2,000 products. Alone from the Bayangol district, more than 20 small and medium enterprises and service providers participated in the fair.


Since the fair organizer is not charging for the space from traders and manufacturers, they can sell their goods and products at factory prices. Most member enterprises from the districts’ Small and Medium Enterprises and Services Support Center are participating in the fair. Small and medium-sized enterprises and service support centers of the capital regularly organize business training and allow their members to participate in trade fairs for free.



Here displayed to introduce and sell handmade and food products such as warm gloves, socks, Mongolian deels (robes), shoes, leather and wool, cashmere products, pure honey, herbal teas, and extracts as rare medicinal plants and souvenirs made by national manufacturers.



The “Leaving no SME behind from development” trade fair will continue for four days until the end of this Sunday. Thereby, the Small and Medium Enterprises and Services Support Center of the Capital encourages people to come to the central square to prepare for winter by buying domestic products and, at the same time, supporting national manufacturers.