Spring Eagle Festival to be Held in Ulaanbaatar

2023-02-17 15:29:48

Ulaanbaatar, February 17, 2023 /MONTSAME/. The “WELCOME TO MONGOLIA-EVENT 2023” calendar of international tourism-related events to be organized in Mongolia has included 22 events to promote Mongolia abroad, stimulate the activities of the tourism industry, boost the economy, and increase investment.


Two out of these 22 measures are related to Eagle Festival. According to the calendar, the Eagle Festival will be organized on March 4-5 at “Chinggis Khaan Palace” tourist camp in Ulaanbaatar and then, between September 30-October 1 in Bugat soum, Bayan-Ulgii aimag.


Ulaanbaatar City Tourism Department, the Mongolian Eagle Falconers’ Association, and the “Chinggis Khaan Palace” tourist camp will jointly organize the Eagle Festival in Ulaanbaatar.


The event that welcomes spring and Nowruz Holiday will present the following competitions and performances aiming at promoting the customs, traditions, and culture of Kazakh people, inheriting the culture to the young generation, and attracting foreign and domestic tourists:

  • Kazakh national dance and music performances
  • Parade with an eagle (selection of the best eagle hunter with the best national costume, eagle, and horse equipment)
  • Eagle shirga /artificial lures/ fishing competition
  • Selection of well-trained eagle
  • Kazakh national game (kokpar or tulam /leather bag/ grabbing, tenge ilu or coin grabbing from the ground)
  • Cavalry show performance
  • Competitions and performances of hawks and falcons