Mongolian carriers become able to make transport to 16 countries

2020-01-16 17:36:17

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/  As a result of active work of the Ministry of Road and Transport for developing international road transport relations with European Union member states, conditions created to make transport with 16 countries, exchanging a letter of consent on conducting transportation.

The countries are the Russian Federation, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Belarus, Latvia, Hungary, Turkey, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Georgia and Slovak.

Thanks to the agreement, Mongolian carriers have conducted 13.3 percent of total TIR transport, which is being made from European countries to Mongolia, in 2018, which was just one percent in 2016. Moreover, Intergovernmental Agreement on International Road Transport along the Asian Highway Network was established in 2016 within a program on establishment of Mongolia-China-Russia Economic Corridor. The agreement came into effect from July, 2019.

“The agreement is very significant for our land-locked country and since it is the closest way of transit transport to be conducted between Asia and Europe, it will make huge contribution to the country’s economy,” said G.Gantulga, Acting Head of Road Transport Policy Implementation and Coordination Department of the Ministry of Road and Transport. 

In frames of the agreement, Mongolian carriers began performing transport by road from the Russian Federation to Tianjin border crossing passing through the territory of China. In particular, ‘Montrans auto’ LLC has successfully made the first trial transport. In addition, four vehicles of ‘Tuushin’ LLC have successfully operated transportation using TIR carnage from Irkutsk, Russia to China’s Tianjin border crossing at the beginning of January this year.  

“As reflected in the Intergovernmental Agreement on International Road Transport along the Asian Highway (AH) Network, it is possible to carry out transportation along AH-3 Asian Highway network or from Ulan-Ude city of the Russian Federation to China’s Tianjin border crossing passing through Ulaanbaatar city and along AH-4 or from Novosibirsk, Russia to Honqiraf border crossing of China passing through Bayan-Ulgii and Khovd aimags” said G.Dorjpalam, Head of Transport Coordination Department of National Road Transport Center. In other words, it enabled Mongolian carriers to make transit transport along two highways that connected with Asian Highway Network. Transportation along west corridor is expected to commence at the end of 2020.

Customs accredited carriers, who have vehicle that meet the Euro-4 and higher ecological standards in accordance with the requirements in the territory of China, are fully available to carry out transport within the agreement. Aside from the intergovernmental agreement, a protocol, which was established with the Chinese Ministry of Transport on implementation of Intergovernmental Agreement between Mongolia and China on road transport, was renewed in 2019 in order to facilitate international trade and transportation. The protocol entered into force from January 1, 2020 and it allows transporting oversized, dangerous loading, which are unavailable to translocate, by truck with trailer that was registered in China.

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