Khan bank employees join blood donation day

2016-01-25 17:57:20

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Khan Bank reported Monday that the bank and the National Blood Transfusion and Research Center joined the Voluntary Blood Donor Campaign and organized a blood donation day at its head office last week.

A total of 125 employees of the bank joined the measure and made their contributions to the volunteering event to help save people’s lives. In recent years, the use and need of blood has increase due to frequent occurrences of blood cancers and accidents in Mongolia, therefore, the bank’s employees in UB braches and sub-branches participated in the blood donation day.

It is common for people to say that blood donation has a negative impact on health. In reality, selected blood donors are very healthy and, blood donors do not suffer from anemia.

Within the framework of implementing corporate social responsibility, Khan Bank employees also organized this humanitarian event in 2014 and 70 Head Office employees donated blood to help in saving the lives of 210 individuals. This year,125 people participated in the event and 93 employees donated blood.

A team composed of nine doctors and nurses of the National Blood Transfusion and Research Center and volunteers of the Donor Association cooperated in the event.