Senior Artistic Gymnastics Asian Championship kicks off in Ulaanbaatar

2019-06-20 18:20:49

On June 19, the eighth Senior Artistic Gymnastics Asian Championship began at the Buyant Ukhaa Sports Complex in Ulaanbaatar. The competition is taking place in Mongolia for the first time. 139 athletes, 64 coaches, and 46 judges have joined the event. 

In his opening remarks, Governor of the capital city and Mayor of Ulaanbaatar S.Amarsaikhan said, "Over a half of Ulaanbaatar citizens are children and youth. Thus, we must pay attention to increasing physical activity of the overall population. In collaboration with relevant bodies, we commenced the construction of the new Winter Sports Palace, football pitch for every district, as well as public sports fields and complex to promote the movement for physical sports development across the city. We have successfully hosted continental and world championships of around 20 team and individual sports such as wrestling, judo, boxing, and basketball in Ulaanbaatar. Now, we are ready to show the performances of Asia’s best athletes to our citizens,”

I am confident that performances of the top athletes will inspire our children and youth to engage in athletic gymnastics, improve their physical fitness, and achieve success, he added, while warmly welcoming the athletes and coaches to Ulaanbaatar.


The championship is being aired live to the world.