Mongolia’s largest dombor weighs 100 kg

2020-04-02 12:59:01

Dombor (stringed instrument resembling a lute) is national musical instrument of Kazakh people. Scholars deem that dombor has six thousand years of history. Every Kazakh family owns dombor and from children to elders all can play dombor.

The largest dombor in Mongolia is preserved at local museum of Bayan-Ulgii aimag. The dombor was made dedicating to Honored Industrial Worker of Mongolia A.Stanbul, by order of his family and children in 2014. 

The dombor was crafted by artist Ch.Enkh-Otgon in 2014 in Erdenet city and it stands 3 meters tall and weighs 100 kg. The dombor was considered one of the largest dombors in Central Asia at that time. But, in 2018, Chinese inventors A.Bakhytnur and Bakhytkeldi created 7.5 m tall dombor, which is two times bigger than this dombor.