Medical equipment provided for central hospitals of 21 aimags

2020-04-03 14:52:09

On April 2, medical devices purchased with funding from the government reserve fund, World Bank, and the Asian Development Bank were handed to the authorities of health care facilities of 21 aimags. Specifically, each aimag received equipment much needed for the fight against COVID-19 such as a ventilator, oxygen concentrator, and a steam inhaler. Also, portable X-ray machines were presented to Selenge aimag’s hospital and the Third State Central Hospital. Previously, essential medications and medical tools and equipment had been purchased with MNT 4.2 billion from the government reserve fund for Ulaanbaatar district hospitals only. The devices being allocated to local hospitals were therefore purchased with government reserve funds and support from an ADB project and WB, Health Minister D.Sarangerel noted at the hand-over event. medical equipment provided for central hospitals of 21 aimags