Construction of 518 km auto road connecting border checkpoints to launch next month

2022-03-17 15:59:54

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. In the framework of the government’s New Revival Policy, objects have been set to connect the country’s border checkpoints through auto roads as well as to implement the construction project for highway en route Zamiin-Uud - Altanbulag. The construction of the 518-km auto road connecting the border checkpoints will launch this year, reported the Auto road Policy Coordination Department of the Ministry of Road and Transport Development.


The road construction will be launched in April. More specifically, preparations are underway for 680 construction works for four projects planned to continue to be implemented next year alongside works to launch three new projects in 2022. The 25-km road en route Tsagaannuur - Ulaanbaatar is being constructed through an ADB project, with its progress at over 40 percent. 


In the framework of public-private partnership, works to construct a 470-km road en route Tavantolgoi - Khangi have been launched. 


Furthermore, in the country’s farming region, 120 km of road is being constructed for Shaamar, Sunburn, and Tushig border checkpoint. A 58-km road en route Toson-Uul - Bayan-Uul is projected to be completed this year.


A total of 2,800-km long roads are planned to be constructed in phases at 14 border checkpoints, such as Khangi, Burgastai, and Ulikhan.