Speaker Z.Enkhbold and Governor of Sverdlovsk Oblast E.V.Kuivashev agree to boost cooperation

2015-09-25 12:16:26

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Mongolian parliamentary delegates headed by Chairman Mr. Z.Enkhbold are continuing their official visit to Sverdlovsk Oblast, the Russian Federation on September 24-25, 2015. On September 24, Speaker Z.Enkhbold held a bilateral meeting with Governor of Sverdlovsk Oblast E.V.Kuivashev and during the meeting the latter part expressed his readiness to cooperate with Mongolia in trade and economic spheres.

Also, Governor E.V.Kuivashev acknowledged an opportunity of collaboration in education, culture and tourism sectors and said, “During the Soviet period thousands of Mongolian students obtained education in Sverdlovsk and one of them is H.E. Mr. Z.Enkhbold. Our Oblast is also interested to boost ties with Mongolian parliament. In order to support bilateral trade and economic relations, an interaction between entities of the two parties is also important. To remark, a project cooperation between Mongolia's Thermal Power Plant IV and the Urals Turbine Plant ZAO has been successfully accomplished in March 2015. Moreover, we will be considering Mr.Enkhbold's proposal to launch a direct flight between Ulaanbaatar and Yekaterinburg. Taking this opportunity, we would like to invite Mongolian delegates to participate in the International Tourism Exhibition ″Summer-2016″ to take place in Yekaterinburg in April 2016”.

Chairman of the State Great Khural (Parliament) Z.Enkhbold said, “We glad that Mongolia has been maintaining a friendly and traditional partnership with Russia's federal subjects including the Sverdlovsk Oblast. The governing organs of Mongolia and Sverdlovsk have priorities to cooperate in industry, energy, infrastructure, science and education. In this term, we would like to forward cooperation in industrialized sector. Today, Mongolia-Russia joint ventures are interested to purchase equipment and technology from Urals under reasonable prices, because all we know that the “Urals” quality is already proven and very competitive. In addition, we are interested to increase number of Mongolian students to study in Sverdlovsk Oblast. In 2016, a new international airport will be launched in our country and an opportunity to create a direct flight between Ulaanbaatar and Yekaterinburg will be opened. Moreover, our two countries will be celebrating the 95th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations in 2016. In the frameworks, a number of measures is planned to be organized throughout next year and taking this opportunity, I suggest to host Yekaterinburg Days in Ulaanbaatar”, reports the Press and Public Relations Department of the State Great Khural of Mongolia.