G.Zandanshatar: Active participation and cooperation are important to develop e-governance

2018-03-13 16:51:37
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ ‘Developing an Information System for Development Policy and Planning’ project has been launched on March 13. The Government of Mongolia requested knowledge and support technical assistance from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to support the National Development Agency (NDA) in preparing a web-based information system with an integrated information database.
Head of the Cabinet Secretariat G.Zandanshatar delivered opening speech at the event. "Countries are introducing a web-based information technology in its all spheres, using as a development accelerator. Mongolia is also implementing ‘Three Pillar Development Policy’ in line with the objectives of UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030,  the Mongolia Sustainable Development Vision 2030 and Action Plan of the Government of Mongolia 2016-2020." He reported on planned measures targeted to establishing integrated information system for development policy and planning, developing online service, ensuring openness of state service and commencing the 4th industrial revolution which are reflected in the policy. 
Information integrating work of 6000 processing industries which run constant operation in the country was launched nationwide from January 17 and will be completed on April 17. Additionally, Law on legal status  of e-governance and National Program to develop e-governance are projected to be adopted and realized in the Government Action Plan, noted Mr G.Zandanshatar.  

Implementation of the project it will create condition to use integrated information system between the sectors and provide with necessary information to policy makers and international organizations. "Efforts, active participation  and cooperation of state and international organizations are significant to develop e-governance. Therefore, I call you all to partake actively in the project activities," he underlined.