Delegates of the Republic of Korea visiting Mongolia

2018-03-27 14:30:33

PM Mr U.Khurelsukh received South Korean Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr Cho Hyun on March 26. During the meeting, spending of the loan from South Korea within the International Monetary Fund's Extended Fund Facility was discussed.

The sides exchanged views on expanding and developing bilateral relations and cooperation, and creating a good business environment. Asian Ministerial Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction will be held in Ulaanbaatar on July, 2018 and Mr.Cho Hyun said that Republic of Korea gives a significant importance to the conference and will actively participate in the conference.

Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Cho Hyun heads the Korean delegation attending the third meeting of the intergovernmental Commission between Mongolia and South Korea. At the commission meeting, the parties should have finalized the spending and purpose of USD 500 million soft loan from Korea, but they postponed to discuss the issue again in April.

On that day Speaker of Mongolian parliament Mr M.Enkhbold held meeting with delegates of the National Assembly of Republic of Korea led by  Mr.Jang Byung-wan, Chairman of Trade, Industry, Energy, Small and medium-sized enterprises and Startups Committee.

During the meeting, issues of urbanization, properly utilizing the abundant resources of renewable energy in Mongolia, tourism, IT and business development were touched.

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