AmCham’s February Monthly Meeting focuses on transparent governance

2021-02-24 16:02:58

On February 23, the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) in Mongolia held its February Monthly Meeting virtually, with guest speakers Minister of Home and Justice Affairs Kh. Nyambaatar and U.S. Ambassador to Mongolia Michael Klecheski. The title of the meeting was "Promoting a Transparent Legislative Process in Mongolia".

AmCham Chairman James Liotta noted in his opening remarks that AmCham is ready to support the work being done to improve Mongolia's legislative environment by promoting transparency, which will also help to develop free trade between Mongolia and the U.S.

Ambassador Klecheski noted how the two countries have been cooperating to improve Mongolia's legislative environment and what further steps should be taken, as a more transparent legislative environment is foundational to improving all aspects of development in Mongolia.

Minister Kh. Nyambaatar presented updates on the ways that his ministry is working to improve the legislative environment, mentioning the Law on Bankruptcy, Law on Entities, Law on Trade Chambers, Law on Public Information, the Criminal Code, and Law on Infringement. The minister agreed that development of the legislative environment is essential for attracting foreign investment and private sector development.

He also spoke about the need to further advance the Transparency Agreement, which was financed by the U.S. government but has been stagnant recently, awaiting action from the Mongolian government. The minister answered questions from the audience and expressed his commitment to continue working with the private sector. 

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