E.Saruul officiates archery at Tokyo Olympics

2021-08-03 15:59:37

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. On July 31, a heated match took place between the finalists in the men’s individual archery event at the Tokyo Olympics. The match was judged by E.Saruul as the line judge, creating a new achievement in the history of the Mongolian archery scene. 

The match ended with Mete Gazoz of Turkey coming out as a champion over his opponent Mauro Nespoli of Italy with a score of 6:4. It was the first gold medal won by a Turkish athlete in archery at the Olympics.

This was the first time for a Mongolian judge to officiate archery at the Olympics. Previously, Saruul has officiated matches at various international tournaments including the 2013 Asian Grand Prix, the 2016 Archery World Cup, and the 2018 Summer Youth Olympics.