Climate resilient herders’ livelihood project being implemented in Uvs and Gobi-Altai aimags

2022-07-26 16:18:02

Ulaanbaatar/MONTSAME/. World Vision US funded ‘Climate Resilient Herders' Livelihood’ project is being implemented in 8 soums of Uvs and Gobi-Altai aimags, high in poverty with extreme climate conditions such as dzud drought. The project aims to improve resilience, livelihood and nutrition of poor herder households through livestock provision, home gardening and producer group formation.

In June, the project organized livestock provision of well-bred livestock adapted to the local area to 111 households, initially planned 100 households, with support and cooperation from local governments on finding good local breeds and lowering prices by raising awareness among herders with larger flocks to help poorer families. Each household received 20 sheep with lambs and 5 goats with kids. The local governments also supported all processes with man power and transport.

Source: World Vision Mongolia


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