Almost 7,000 foreigners are employed in Mongolia

2016-01-22 18:15:03

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The National Statistical Office (NSO) has reported that 6.8 thousand foreigners from 78 countries are being employed in Mongolia by December 31 of 2015, and the number of foreign workers in Mongolia declined by 1.2 thousand against 2014.

Under the labor contract, 35.4% of the all foreign workers are from China, 23.0%--from North Korea, 8.3%--from Russia, 6.7%--from South Korea, 4.2%--from the USA, 3.4%--from Vietnam, and 19.0%--from other countries.

The number of workers from Vietnam decreased by 49.6%, North Korea--by 14.7%, China--by 13.3%, South Korea--by 11.7%, the USA--by 11.3%, and Russia--by 5.4%.

By the year 2015, 1,891 or 28.0% of the all foreigners worked in the construction sector, 1,445 or 21.4%--in the mining and exploration sectors, 951 or 14.1%--in the education, 924 or 13.7%--in the processing industry, 724 or 10.7%--in trade, vehicles and motorcycle repairing, and 825 or 12.1%--in other spheres.