Mongol TV to adapt The Voice series

2017-02-15 13:16:57

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ After holding 'Mongolia’s Got Talent' reality show for two successful years, the Mongol TV team is bringing the international reality television singing competition franchise 'The Voice' to Mongolia.

Originated from the Netherlands, 62 countries have already adapted the format and begun airing their own versions since 2011. The show distinguishes itself as different from other competitions as it primarily focuses on the singing ability, quality and prowess of an artist. Because of the double-selection stage before going on air, the show attracts only the best.

With an aim to bring the Top-five television shows to Mongolian audience, the Mongol TV has successfully held 'Mongolia’s Got Talent' for two consecutive years and shown the capability of holding world-class shows which made possible for 'The Voice' to be aired in Mongolia. 

Mongol TV CEO Nomin Chinbat 

Although the Mongol TV is bringing this franchise to Mongolia, the contract for the 'Mongolia’s Got Talent' has been extended as the show is already recognized throughout Asia. However, they are only capable of holding one large-scale project in a year. Therefore, the two shows are planned to be produced by the Mongol TV interchangeably, according to Mongol TV CEO Nomin Chinbat.

Considering the renovations of the stage and production, the minimum cost of the show is expected to be approximately MNT 2 billion. A training for the preparatory work of the show is scheduled to begin on February 18.

According to Nomin Chinbat, the show is most likely to be aired in 2018. Although the prize of the competition hasn't made official yet, the show will enable the winner for a promising career in the music industry.