Ice Festival – the main attraction of winter tourism

2016-03-09 13:46:00

The annual ice festival has been organized for the 17th time this year, highlighting the winter beauty of Lake Khuvsgul, the deepest and clearest lake in Mongolia. The festival is called Blue Pearl.

Game of sliding on the frozen lake, shining out with blue light is the traditional game of Mongolians dating back to ancient times. Mongolian President’s participation in this year’s ice festival was an effort to promote the tourist attraction to this Mongolian festivity. Year by year, the number of foreign tourists watching the festival has been increasing as the event challenges the speed and aim of the participants throughout the day in the untouched beauty of the surrounding landscape and on the frozen blue lake.

The scope has been expanded with international participants, adding international status to the ice festival. The ice festival took place in Lower woody bay of Lake Khuvsgul attracting some 1200 vehicles, more than 70 handcraft traders, over 50 foreign tourists and over 8,000 mongolians. For the two days, traditional events such as art concert, bonfire party and shamanist rites were performed.