High-altitude research balloons released for 380-year anniversary of capital city

2019-10-29 17:20:57

The launch was carried out by a joint team of Mongol Koosen College of Technology and Japan’s Chiba Institute of Technology with initiation by the Mongolian Aerospace Research and Science Association (MARSA) and support from the Governor Office of the capital city and Ulaanbaatar City Tourism Department. With this event, Mongolia now becomes the first country ever to release high-altitude balloon from its central square.

The so-called ‘space balloons’ will be floating at altitudes up to 38 thousand meters above the Earth within two hours since its launch to transmit information through its attached GPS equipment. Apart from the flag of Mongolia, symbol of Ulaanbaatar city ‘Garuda’ and GPS equipment, the balloons are also carrying names of 380 citizens of Ulaanbaatar, referring to the 380th anniversary of the capital city, that were randomly selected from over 5700 names registered in the marsa.mn website as well as three winning works submitted by school children for ‘Our creations in the space’ competition. 

Throughout its journey to the near space, the balloons will do some other duties including collecting information on air quality of Ulaanbaatar city and performing scientific tasks. After reaching its destination, the balloons will descend to lower altitude to eventually land in an area near Ulaanbaatar city to be found through their GPS trackers and further research works on the data they collected will commence.