Order of Polar Star conferred upon Mr. Nishizawa Takeshige

2023-02-13 15:21:39

Ulaanbaatar, February 13, 2023 /MONTSAME/. The Order of the Polar Star by the decree of the President of Mongolia was conferred upon Mr. Nishizawa Takeshige, the Chairman of the Board of the "Mongolian Center" NGO in Japan and Honorary Representative of the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The order was presented at the Embassy of Mongolia in Tokyo on February 13. 

Since 2005, Mr. Nishizawa Takeshige has made a critical contribution to developing and strengthening the relations and cooperation in the sectors of economy, education, culture, and tourism between Japan and Mongolia. 

He has voluntarily supported more than 50 children and youths from low-income families of Mongolia to study at Japanese universities, colleges, and language schools with his personal scholarships.

Over the past years Mr. Nishizawa Takeshige has held several workshops to teach Japanese business culture and etiquette, and management styles to young entrepreneurs in Mongolia and organized 500 forums, seminars, and fairs in Japanese cities while acting as a consultant. 

Moreover, he has attracted worth over JPY 35 billion investment to Mongolia and independently arranged the logistics for many Japanese investors, entrepreneurs, and tourists to Mongolia. 

In addition, Mr. Nishizawa Takeshige’s concrete contribution to promoting the culture and art of Mongolia is noteworthy, he has organized 33 concerts for Mongolian traditional and contemporary music ensembles in Japan as an investor.