Camel festival to take place

2018-02-21 10:41:29
Uvs /MONTSAME/ A Camel Festival will take place on February 26 in Zavkhan soum, Uvs aimag, co-hosted by Governors Offices of Uvs province and Zavkhan soum and ‘Saikhan Khaliun’ Company. 

 During the festival variety of activities including camel parade, camel race, selection of couples with good-looking camels, camel-sledge, performance of Mongolian folk dance/biyelgee, sumo wrestling on snow and Zavkhan soum’s brand products fair will be organized.The organizers of the festival request participants of the festival to wear national costumes.

Zavkhan soum has the most head of camels not only in the aimag but also in western province and Zavkhan soum has hosted Ten Thousand Camels Festival twice before.