100 MW cumulative system for wind and solar energy to be created

2018-04-25 16:57:53
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Minister of Energy Ts.Davaasuren got acquainted with the ‘Salkhit’ wind power plant’s operation. Head of the Department of Renewable Energy at the Ministry of Energy O.Bavuudorj and other officials assisted the Minister.

‘Salkhit’, the first Mongolian wind power plant with independent energy resource and capacity of 50 MW was built in 2004. It produces 140-150 million kW of energy annually, reducing the greenhouse gas emission by 180 tons and saving 1.6 million tons of clean water and 122 thousand tons of coal.

“Mongolia produces 11.8 percent of its energy or 120 MW of electricity from renewable energy sources. In the future, renewable energy sources will increase significantly. However, we need to develop the renewable energy sector with definite regulations in coherecne with other installed energy source capacities. For instance, the renewable energy production stops when there is no sun or wind. Thus, in order to overcome these kinds of difficulties, we are planning to create a 100 MW national cumulative system for produced wind and solar energy in the next two years” said Minister Ts.Davaasuren.

Minister also noted that the initial investment will be high, but further production will be cheap. As the solar technology is getting cheaper, countries have policy to increase renewable energy use. At the same time, it is important to develop a system that accumulates energy during daytime and distributes electricity to customers during nighttime.