Mongolia-Bulgaria Business Forum held

2015-08-25 16:54:15

On the sidelines of the state visit of the President of Bulgaria to Mongolia, a "Mongolia-Bulgaria Business Forum" launched Tuesday at the Consensus Hall of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Bulgarian President R.A.Plevneliev and the Prime Minister of Mongolia Ch.Saikhanbileg gave the opening remarks. The latter highlighted three key reasons to push forward the cooperation between the two countries. The first one are the political interests of Mongolia and Bulgaria that are now being realized through high level visits. "It is time for us to collaborate in 'win-win' strategy," he added. Secondly, the main economic sectors of our two countries have similarities, the PM noted and said Bulgaria leads the information technology and computer production in the world. Mongolia can learn from these practices. "Our two countries can cooperate in industrial and agricultural sectors, in localizing here the Bulgarian roses, introducing the subway system, and in many other fields," he said. In third, said the PM, Mongolia sees its landlocked geographic location as a disadvantage, "but we have two great 'seas'--Russia and China. Mongolia can facilitate Bulgaria’s access to the Chinese market, while Bulgaria can provide Mongolia with an access to the European market." He said the Mongolian Government will support the two countries' business cooperation by all means. The participants of the forum are, on behalf of Bulgaria, the representatives of the Association of Employers, the Informatics and Software Association, and Bulgarian businessmen, and on behalf of Mongolia--the officials from the Ministry of Mining, the Agency of IT, Postage and Communications, the Invest Mongolia Agency and Mongolian businessmen.7

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