Artists of Daejeon city of ROK to perform at Reindeer Festival

Art & Culture
2019-07-05 14:44:11

Khuvsgul /MONTSAME/. For the 15th consecutive year, the annual Reindeer Festival will be taking place at Dalai Tour camp on July 6-7. The festival aims to promote the unique way of life and the traditions of the Dukha people, and improve livelihoods of locals through the event. 

Since establishing the partnership with the Seo district of Daejeon city of ROK in 2010, the aimag has been partnering with the district in the sectors of education, health, arts and culture, and tourism. Thus, over 10 artists of the Seo district will perform along with the performers of the Musical Theater of Khuvsgul aimag and locals at the Reindeer Festival. 

Within the cooperation, 20 representatives consisting of aimag authorities and artists recently participated in the Seo-gu Healing Art Festival for the third year.