‘Tes River Mongolians’ selected at international film festival

Art & Culture
2019-09-17 15:23:18

Ulaanbaatar/MONTSAME/ Mongolia’s documentary ‘Tes River Mongolians’ created by the National Federation of Pasture User Group of Herders and Tegt Toirog movie production was selected at the international film festival ‘Perspectives on pastoralism which aims deepening understanding of how diverse peoples across the world gain their livelihoods from extensive livestock production.   

Among many genres of films and documentaries, judges of the festival highlighted filming of the documentary as ‘conducted most skillfully’.

The Tes River flows from the Bulnai Mountains through three Mongolian provinces - Khuvsgul, Zavkhan and Uvs - feeds into Lake Uvs, which is registered by UNESCO in 2013 as a Natural World Heritage site. On the banks of the river live nomadic herder families who believe the river is God's blessing for them, being the source of life. Depicting the lives of three families living near the beginning, middle and end of the Tes River Valley, the full-length documentary (56 minutes, of which this is an excerpt) shows the lifestyle of Mongolian herders, rotational grazing on rangelands and people's attitudes and respect for their nature and environment.

Selected films are going to be screened during international events on pastoralism to be held in Germany and Belgium.

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