Environmental cooperation with Germany discussed

2020-10-21 14:11:39

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Minister of Environment and Tourism D.Sarangerel met with Johannes Schneider, Head of Development Cooperation, Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Mongolia, to discuss environmental cooperation between the two countries as well as the ongoing joint projects  and programs on forest management, biodiversity, protected area management, and climate change.

Noting that the two countries have longstanding cooperation in environmental areas, especially forest management, biodiversity, protected area management, and climate change, Minister D.Sarangerel expressed gratitude for jointly implementing projects and programs through the Green Climate Fund, Global Environmental Facility, and the Adaptation Fund. The Minister also expressed readiness to work together in upskilling protected area administration staff, improving livelihoods of rural communities, and supporting children and youth.

Mr. Johannes Schneider said it is time to provide information and awareness raising activities for children besides expanding bilateral cooperation and collaborating effectively in environmental areas. “Making children aware of the wonders of the nature and the significance of loving and protecting it would be much more effective than restoring already degraded areas,” he said, voicing his hope that the countries will be able to take numerous actions in this effort and achieve concrete results.