Mongolian wiktionary containing explanations of 50,000 words and phrases

2016-12-09 17:37:41

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Mongolian language “Wiktionary” ( has been developing at the order of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sciences, in the frameworks  a national program. The online dictionary offers detailed meanings of some 50 thousand words and phrases.

In order to facilitate continuous development of the dictionary, the website is open for editing by university professors, specialists from every sector and anyone who is interested.

Doctor of Science of Law S.Narangerel and Candidate of Economic Sciences A.Ganzorig enriched the online dictionary with explanations of juridical and financial jargons and terms.

The further maintenance and updates of the online dictionary will be carried out mainly by the professors and students of the Institute of Mongolian Studies of the National University of Mongolia.