Capital Mayor issues ordinances to tackle air pollution

2017-01-10 12:51:28

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Yesterday, Mayor of the Capital city and Governor of Ulaanbaatar S.Batbold released three ordinances regarding air pollution reduction. According to the first ordinance, new settlement areas that produce air pollution, will not be planned and created.

In order words, boundary lines for existing Ger districts areas, where coal is burnt for heating will be defined and people are banned to settle outside the boundary lines.  The Mayor noted that new settlement areas should be eco areas.

Air pollution zones have been classified according to air quality. The first zone contains apartment and building districts, which are connected to the central heating system. Therefore pollutant emitting equipment will not be allowed to be used in this zone. In the second, third and fourth zones, processed low-smoke fuels will be allowed besides using electric heaters. Programs and projects to reduce air pollution and policy regulations and measures will be developed and implemented based on the zones.   

The third ordinance restricts movement from rural area to Ulaanbaatar. People, who needs long term medical service in Ulaanbaatar or who have purchased apartment with mortgage will be permitted to move to the capital. Otherwise, movement to Ulaanbaatar is banned till January 01, 2018.  

“ - Although, Mongolian citizen has a right to move within the country, ensured by the Constitution, the current situation violate citizens’ rights to live in safe and healthy environment, alerting National security. Therefore I released the ordinances within my sovereignty as a Mayor of the capital and Governor of Ulaanbaatar city, based on citizens’ requests. We believe air pollution will be reduced, when these measures are realized” said Mayor S.Batbold.