Khovd region attracts tourists

2015-09-22 16:19:27

In the very heart of the capital city of Mongolia or in the Chinggis Khaan square there were organized various events dedicated to the “Day of Khovd province”.

It became a tradition that every year residents of one of 21 provinces or aimags in the country organize Day of their region in Ulaanbaatar with an aim to propagandize their province.
This time, talented people from Khovd province which is situated approximately 1580 km from Ulaanbaatar have  arrived to the capital city to celebrate province’s day. The region takes its name from the Khovd River, which flows through the territory of the province.
Khovd is distinguished by its multi-cultural population. It is home to more than 17 nationalities and ethnicities. Each of these groups has its own distinct traditional dwelling and settlement pattern, dress and other cultural distinctions, literary, artistic and musical traditions.
Lots of famous people living in the country were born in Khovd province, and one of them is the President of Mongolia Mr Elbegdorj who was born in Zereg soum. /administrative unit in the province/
/I belong to urianhai ethnic group, in other words, I am a carrier of intangible cultural heritage of urianhai people. Carrier of heritage is everyone who makes his contribution to the transmission of culture and traditions to future generations. We are trying very hard to do this./
In connection with this,  a project on development of the tourism products on the basis of national cultural traditions or intangible cultural heritage has been worked out by Governor’s Office of the province.  
Besides that, some projects are being carrying out in order to promote foreign investment in the aimag.
/Next year, the new road will be put into operation which connects Russian Federation and People’s Republic of China.  This is a great opportunity for us to ensure the growth of the economy of our province. Besides that, for the moment, foreign investors have invested their capital in the Khushuut coal mine and in the area for oil exploration. Our region is rich in coal, building raw materials, tungsten, crystall and other minerals/.
The province has a unique natural formation. The steppe and the Gobi occupy 20 percent of the entire territory. The stunning beauty of the magnificent Mongolia Altai Mountains region in Western Mongolia offers a variety of possibilities for hiking, walking, trekking, cycling, mountain biking, mountain climbing, wildlife encounter-photography, bird-watching and horseback riding.