Most visited monastery in the countryside of Mongolia

2015-10-12 17:37:15

Aglag Buteel monastery with unique stone carvings has been built recently and work is still undergoing. The monastery is situated about 100 km to the west of Ulaanbaatar city at a beautiful valley with trees and big stones and hills near the place called Daliin Am in the territory of Bornuur soum, Tuv province. Every year thousands of mongolians and foreigners are visiting this place as a tourists or for religious purposes.

It is a temple created by god’s painter G.Purevbat to practice meditation, to educate and to create books. Mr Purevbat  is one of the famous painters for Buddhist temples in Mongolia.  
You can see extraordinary works created by him and his students.  All the stones are natural and carved by them as an fairy tale creatures. There is also a road with special environment for meditation and anyone, who walk by this road is able to understand a linkage between human and nature and to purify their spirit and mind.
There is an interesting story about the construction of this monastery told by god’s painter G.Purevbat. Here is what he says “Two days before laying the foundation of the monastery I had a very strange dream that there was a stumbling block around which many believers were praying. When we were digging the foundation for the temple, a huge stone weighing more than 20 tons has been discovered. We didn’t move the stone because it can symbolize that the temple will be durable and unique”.