Mongolia prepares for the ASEM Summit

2015-10-20 15:49:48

As we know, the Asia-Europe Meeting /ASEM/ where the heads of state and government gather biannually to discuss political, economic and cultural issues will be held in Ulaanbaatar next year.   
High level delegates including Presidents and Prime ministers from more than 50 countries will arrive in our country for the Summit.

Mongolia sees this meeting as a very important event and is attaching great importance on its organization. President of Mongolia has issued a decree to establish a National Council which is headed by Prime minister to deal with specific duties on organizing and making directions of the ASEM summit in Ulaanbaatar.

/Mr A.Ganbaatar, The head of working group in charge of ASEM's promotion/
According to the order of  Prime minister, there were established six working groups which are responsible for hotel accommodation, logistics, communication, food, security, press, organization of cultural events and preparation of documents.                                                                                          

It is estimated that more than 4500 guests from more than 50 countries will arrive in UB for the Summit. Mongolian hotels will play an important role in welcoming and providing hospitality to foreign guests.
Therefore, the government has made a decision to grant the long-term soft loans to the amount of 100 mln dollars for some hotels to improve their services and star ratings. So far, 43 hotels have officially been chosen to accommodate the participants of ASEM Summit.
In addition to current hotels, world famous chain hotels like "Holiday Inn", "Radisson", "Sheraton", and "Shangri La" are expected to be operational by this year.
On Monday and Tuesday trainings for hotel managers are being held in a scope of a preparation for the 11th ASEM Summit.
The trainings, specially dedicated to the hotel managers who will be serving heads of states, PMs and other high guests, have been led by diplomats and leaders of State Protocol Department. The trainings' programme includes themes such as receptions, banquets, feast protocols, hotel management, contemporary issues of service technologies, ethical body conduct around high guests, dressing for ceremonies.