120 icons of God Ochirvaani reserved in Zanabazar’s Museum

2015-10-30 15:25:55

            The Museum of Fine Arts named after Zanabazar has mounted an exhibition with icons of God Ochirvaani.

            Created mostly in the 19th century with different kinds of materials such as natural stones in various sizes, the icons of the God have the perfect symmetry and beautiful style of religious symbols. These icons are made in five main kinds of images, so they are considered as precious pieces of cultural heritage.

            The Zanabazar’s Museum currently has 120 icons of the Ochirvaani God, and most of them are being shown to the public for the first time.

            It is believed that the God Ochirvaani collected whole knowledge and skills of all gods. Being the strongest, the God Ochirvaani is the lead of all charms to defeat all the evil things. The God is also considered as the Holder of Secrets. Thus, the continuing exhibition is called “Holder of Secrets”.