Mongolia claims victory in UN Human Rights Council election

2015-11-02 15:03:34

Mongolia competed with 7 countries for one of the five seats for Asia-Pacific region, and claimed victory of 172 out of 192 votes in the closed poll.

Competitors became the members of the UN Human Rights Council, including United Arab Emirates with 159 votes, Kyrgyzstan with 147, South Korea with 136, and Philippines with 113 votes. Laos and Pakistan lost the election with 105 votes respectfully.

Foreign Minister L.Purevsuren said: The victory in such a major election on our first-time candidacy manifests Mongolia’s reputation on the international arena.

Mongolia also nominated itself to the Security Council election to take place in 2022. The Minister of Foreign Affairs considered that Mongolia passed an important stage anticipating the next election. Result of the 2022 election will directly depend on Mongolia’s performance as a member of UN Human Rights Council. Mongolia now has a great chance to make its contribution to the international community for human rights protection and to work on the decision-making level.