Mongolian short film “I am Mongolian” wins special prize in “ABU Award 2015” festival

2015-11-06 13:00:25

A short film named “I am Mongolian” by creative artists of the Mongolian National Public Radio and Television has won the special prize of jury of Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU).

            This short film narrates about a woman Chimedtseren from Inner Mongolia, who came to Mongolia by camel with her step mother and father 50 years ago when she 11 years old and waited for 44 years desperately to become a citizen of Mongolia. Until obtaining citizenship of Mongolia before the 2009 Presidential election, Ms Chimedtseren had no rights to participate in elections, to be valued even to receive medical services, and she has yelled that she became a real person when receiving the Mongolian citizenship. So, her story made the film inspirational and valuable to understandable being a Mongolian.

            The five minute film was directed and screened by Enkhbold, edited by Shine-Od, and produced by State Honored Figure of Culture Tsoodol.

            The short film also has won a Grand Prix Prize of the “Blue Screen” festival of the Mongolian Public Television.