ASEM and achievements of Mongolia

2016-03-02 16:18:47

On the 1st of March, President of Mongolia Elbegdorj delivered a lecture dedicated to the Day of ASEM. The lecture has been broadcasted by TV channels, the President’s accounts of Twitter and Facebook.

            Through his lecture, the President gave details about ASEM members, frameworks and significance and preparation works for the 11th ASEM Summit to be held this July in Ulaanbaatar.

            There is an evidence why Mongolia has accepted the responsibility for hosting the ASEM Summit. Although Mongolia joined in 2008 the ASEM which was established in 1996, big contributions of Mongolia to the ties between Asia and Europe date back to hundreds years.

            It is considered that the 13th century was the era of Mongolia when the Great Mongolian Empire dominated most territories of Eurasia. Founded by Chingis Khaan, the Great Mongolian Empire embraced and saved trade, creating a big commercial network connected by land and seas between Asia and Europe. Many say the largest significance of the commercial network was learning of many nations from each other and humankind was brought into a new level in terms of culture. Thus, Mongolia set up the very first connection between Asia and Europe, the President said.

            Criteria for Mongolia to host the 11th ASEM Summit which is coincided with its 20th anniversary possibly has a historical significance. So, Mongolia attaches great importance to the forthcoming ASEM Summit, Elbegdorj said, and talked about possible outcome to the Mongolia’s political and economic relations after hosting the ASEM Summit.

            The lecture brought together some 1,000 people representing different social communities.