Brave Aisholpan invited to Eagle Festival

2016-03-10 15:03:49

Harsh cold and snowy winter is an integral part of Mongolia’s polar climate. Adventure-seeking tourists love to visit Mongolia during winter. It is common that the tourists arrive on occasions of traditional and annual celebrations and festivities.

Ice Festival which takes place on the frozen Lake Khuvsgul, the lake containing a major part of the world’s fresh water reserve, the two humped (Bactrian) camel race in the Gobi, and the Eagle Festival are the best-known winter activities for tourists. The Eagle festival is observed annually on March 5, in Bayan-Olgii in western Mongolia where Kazakh minority settles and at Chingisiin Khuree tourist camp just outside Ulaanbaatar. Aisholpan - the little eagle huntress, who draw international attention to Mongolia, having caught the eyes of a BBC photographer at the eagle festival 2014, was invited as a guest of honor. Foreigners were amazed back then by the bravery of little Aisholpan, who competed with 72 men and defeated them at the “Khyran” eagle festival. Some 450 tourists visited to see her at this year’s festival. The eagle festivals are of great significance in raising awareness of and participation in the environment protection, and in respecting and promoting the ancient and natural way of hunting.