Race of 1,115 Bactrian camels listed in Guinness Records Book

2016-03-10 16:32:49

In recent years, Mongolia has recorded in the Guinness World Records Book its national wrestling with 6002 wrestlers, a group of folk dance with 5,000 ethnic people, a race of horse with 4,279 horses and a marsh with 10 thousand horses.

            This year, a race of 1,108 two-humped camels or Bactrian camels has been registered in the Guinness World Records.

            Located in southern region of Mongolia, Omnogobi province has the largest number of two-humped camels in Mongolia as well as in the world. In order to get this character famous, the province’s center Dalanzadgad soum has hosted the race of Bactrian camels with 1,115 animals in frames of the “Mongolian camel 999” measure. 1,108 camels came to the finish line out of the total number of animals, setting the newest world record.

            “Mongolian camel camel 999” measure was attended by over 2,000 herders from 30 soums of 11 provinces with their some 1,600 camels. It also attracted over 3,000 domestic and foreign tourists, making the province’s event with record number of viewers.

            The first place holder of the race received a cash prize of 1,500 to 3,500 US dollars.

The previous record for the largest camel race belonged to Inner Mongolia, China, where 550 camels raced.