“Clean coal technology” seminar held

2016-03-21 14:39:18

Mongolian and Japanese policy-making organs on mining and coal sectors have co-organized a seminar entitled “Clean coal technology” with aims to stimulate coal exploitation and processing activities and the export.

          Mongolian parliament or the State Great Khural has passed a law on exempting technologies and facilities for coal processing from customs tax and Value added tax in order to support the environmentally-friendly processing of coal. So, Mongolia has a possibility to cooperate with Japan in the coal industry because Japan is one of the succeeding countries to introduce pure technologies for coal, the Mining Minister Mr R.Jigjid underlined.

          Japan consumes 200 million tons of coal a year, and the country import coal from Australia and Indonesia. Most of power stations in the country operate with coal, and Japan has set a goal to reduce the coal consumption to 25 per cent by 2030. In order to achieve this goal, Japan intends to cooperate with a country which can constantly supply coal at a lower price, said Mr KakudoTakafumi, a representative of the Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

          Mongolia is ranked 10th in the world by coal reserve. A technology for deep processing of coal is vital for Mongolian future and economic development. Mines in Mongolia exploit coal with an open-cast method with low expenses. Mongolia is capable to produce gas, petroleum and other raw materials using this advantage and to export the products.