“Energy ties in Northeast Asia” seminar takes place

2016-03-21 15:49:40

With participation of representatives of China, South Korea, North Korea, Russia and Japan, an international seminar entitled “Energy ties in Northeast Asia” has been organized by the Mongolia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs to discuss issues of energy consumption, supply and urgent problems.

          Regional countries in Northeast Asia are interested in co-implementing a number of projects on constructing electricity-transferring lines, pipes and trade of coal. This is important for providing with reliable energy sources those countries lacking energy reserves. In connection with this, Mongolia has issued initiatives called “Asian super network” and “Gobitech”, and relevant feasibily studies have already been started, said Mr D.Delgertsogt, the State Secretary of the Mongolian Ministry of Energy.

          Acting Director on Country Support and Partnerships of the International Renewable Energy Agency Mr Gurbuz Gonul highlighted significance of Mongolian initiatives for building up the trans-boundary electric lines. Gobi region in Mongolia bears vast reserves of renewable energy. Big amount of investments is required to provide Northeast Asian countries with energy resources and to construct the trans-boundary network. By doing so, the regional countries can prevent energy shortage which might come in the future, he said.

          It is estimates that Mongolia has 15 thousand TeraWatt reserves of renewable energy. If Mongolia properly exploits the reserves, the country could become a big supplier of energy at the regional market. International organizations have calculated that the energy consumption in Northeast Asia is expected to increase at about twice by 2040.