Landscaping work to be conducted without inconveniencing the residents

2016-03-21 16:12:52

Ulaanbaatar City General Manager and Head of the Governor's Office B. Badral and Head of Municipal Roads Department D. Nanzaddorj held a press session at the weekly 'ASEM Information Hour' last Thursday. They briefed the journalists on refurbishment and maintenance of roads in Ulaanbaatar for the 11th ASEM Summit.

The officials reported that six roads would be expanded and renovated, and thirteen streets would be expanded and landscaped to ensure the safe passage of ASEM Summit delegates and to improve Ulaanbaatar's image. 

This would mean Gandhi Street, Bayanmongol residence, Ikh Mongol avenue and Peace Bridge side roads would be repaired and expanded within the framework of the above planned work, while street lighting from the Yarmag bridge to the Chinggis Khaan International Airport would be renewed. Also, new street lights would be installed on the road along the Bogd Uul Mountain. All of this work is planned to commence on March 25.

The landscaping of 13 streets have already started on March 14, covering Peace Avenue, Ikh Toiruu ring road, Sukhbaatar Street, University Street, Namyanju Street, Naadamchid Street, Niislel Khuree Avenue, Chinggis Avenue, Zaisan Street, Genden Street, Jamyan Gun Street, Ikh Mongol State Street and Olympics Street.

"The city maintenance workers were assigned to do the cleaning work in collaboration with offices and business entities located in these areas," said Ulaanbaatar City General Manager B. Badral, "The repair and landscaping work will neither inconvenience the residents, nor hamper the traffic. After the Summit, all the work will add color to the city of Ulaanbaatar."