“Lighting up the world with LED lights”

2016-03-29 16:53:41

Japan’s Nagoya University professor, Nobel laureate Mr Amano Hiroshi who is invited by Minister of Education, Culture and Sciences Mr L.Gantomor, has arrived in Mongolia.

He invented the blue led light in 1990 and won a Nobel Prize in Physics in 2014 along with his teacher Isamu Akasaki and professor Shuji Nakamura.


Contemporary level of development of the integral part of our daily life – liquid crystal displays, mobile phones, tablets and modern lightings – are all possible thanks to his invention. As of the economic contribution of led light invention, 17.7 billion US dollars worth lights and products utilizing the led lights were sold and about 250 thousand jobs were created in 2013.

Prof. Amano Hiroshi gave a lecture on Monday themed “Lighting up the world with LED lights”.

Present at the lecture were Minister of Education, Culture and Sciences L.Gantomor, dean of Nagoya University Seichi Matsuo, Mrs Kasumi Hiroshi and Mongolian scientists, researchers and students.

During his three days visit Mr Amano Hiroshi was received by the Prime Minister Mr Saikhanbileg and the Chairman of the State Great Khural Mr Enkhbold.