Competitive Mongolian brand to be selected


The 21st International Fair ‘SME’s Products, Services and Technologies’ opened in Misheel Expo Center with aims to encourage national producers and publicize their products and services as the Government of Mongolia announced 2018 as ‘Year of Responsibility’ and the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MNCCI) as ‘Year of Supporting Sustainable Business Environment’.


The MNCCI is organizing the fair in cooperation with the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry and the Industrial Innovation Development Agency of the Capital City  The best products and services will be selected in 14 nominations for the Fair’s Cup and Organizers’ Awards.


Not only national producers, handicraftsmen, domestic food factories will present their new products but also Korean delegates will introduce their food, health and cosmetic goods. More than 90 entities including the Hungarian National Trading House in Mongolia as well as businessmen from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Pakistan in Mongolia will publicize their products and services and hold variety of activities for consumers.

During the expo, the MNCCI will conduct four trainings for enterprises with themes ‘Tackling Contract Dispute through Arbitrary’, ‘Packaging’, ‘Trade Fair Standards’ and ‘’Business Model in the 21st Century’ and 50 percent of the fair participants have been registered to attend the trainings.


The international fair will run until May 20.