Mongolia Economic Forum 2018 takes place


The Mongolia Economic Forum 2018 kicks off at the State House under the theme “Let’s unite power”.


The annual economic forum that held under the auspices of the Prime Minister since 2008 was cancelled last year due to economic and political situation.This year forum is hosted by the CEO club with participation of more than 1000 representatives.


12 main issues are to be addressed at the forum including megaprojects that have been on hold for years, making 1072 stocks active, accelerating stock market development, protecting business environment from bureaucracy and inappropriate pressure, revision of some laws, tax environment and investment policy. For the first time, Governors of the 21 aimags are attending the forum to exchange views with representatives of private sector.


Opening the forum Prime Minister of Mongolia U.Khurelsukh said “It is not secret that we have depleted our internal forces splitting into groups such as public, private sector and political parties and fighting each other. This creates an ambiguous image of us to the outer world. It is time to put an end to it.It is high time to consolidate our forces. Therefore, I would like to express my sincere gratitude and support for the Mongolian Economic Forum being held under the theme ‘Let’s unite power’”.


Representatives expressed their expectations that the 8th forum will be as major as World Economic Forum that ensures participation of private sector, seeking collaboration possibilities all together and reaching agreement regarding any issue.


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