“Mad nomad” first toy art exhibition on display

2019-06-04 16:12:27

‘Mad Nomad’ the first ever toy art exhibition of five young artists is on display at Sengeragi art gallery. The exhibition features works inspired by nomad warriors, legends and tales.


A total of 24 Munny works displayed at the exhibition, each revealing the artist’s unique vision. They printed remodeled Munny figures and decorated them.


The artists create their works in various types including illustration, 3D art, animation, comics, tattoo, Mongol zurag and digital arts. Munny figures of ancient heroes decorated in nomadic style with unique names such as ‘Super hero’ by Ts.Orgil, ‘Red devil’ by M.Chingis, ‘Kublai Khan on the hunt’ by T.Tuvshintur and ‘Punisher of sinners’ by B.Tsolmonbayar are on display.


The exhibition gives the opportunity to see different illustration techniques on same figures. It will be on display until June 6.