Noyon Mountain to be 'strictly protected'

2019-09-12 14:19:44

On september 11, the Cabinet meeting resolved to make Noyon Mountain, located in Mandal soum of Selenge aimag, to be ‘Strictly protected’, reported N.Tserenbat, Minister of Environment and Tourism.

Under the resolution No: 16, dated June 29th 1995, of Selenge aimag’s Citizens’ Representative Khural, 21.6 thousand hectares of the area were taken under special protection. But, a total of 12 exploration licenses on the area around Noyon Mountain were issued to five companies since then, he said.

“A working group headed by Deputy Prime Minister, set up under the government resolution No:320, will inspect documents of the licenses issued for areas around Noyon Mountain and grounds of the documents. If there are violations of law, legal actions will be taken. Beginning today, the Ministry of Environment and Tourism is co-working with the local authority to prepare relevant documents to upgrade the category ‘special protection’ of the 21.6 thousand hectares to ‘Strictly Protected’, “said the Minister.