A new unit at veterinary vaccine factory opens

2020-02-04 18:46:03

/. A second unit of a virus vaccine factory named after State Prize Laureate veterinarian Kh.Tsodoi opened today, February 4. 

Aimed at improving its vaccine manufacturing capacity to prevent from foot-and-mouth-disease, Mongolia launched a MON5023 project in 2014 with support from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). 

As part of the project with EUR 360 thousand financing from the IAEA, the Government of Mongolia has provided a total of MNT 100 million for developing vaccine processing technology.  

The newly-built factory enables domestic manufacturing of veterinary vaccines, including dilution and packaging of vaccine thickening agents and is deemed to facilitate progress in preventive measures against the disease of livestock animals and a quick response to any emergency situations. 

Due to various factors of global population growth and density, migration, climate change, global trade and tourism, the overall number of outbreaks of viral infection diseases among population and animals has been increasing. 

“As 75 percent of emerging infectious diseases are zoonotic, world countries are facing challenges to prevent and take control on the spread of infectious diseases” said Minister of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry Ch.Ulaan during the opening ceremony of the new factory unit. 

The Mongolian government purchased a small factory named “Station against Cattle Plague” operated by foreign nationals in 1923, laying the foundation for the first state-owned factory in the country’s agricultural, veterinarian and biotechnology field. 

The virus vaccine factory produces around 40 types of biological substances designed for preventing animal infectious diseases.